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-   ABOUT SAM  -

Samantha Cobb is a child of the world. She was raised in a very mobile family, spending most of her formative years in the island state of Singapore. The first week of kindergarten brought a prophetic warning from her teacher "You have an artist on your hands". After a fateful day in second grade when two fellow student set off a bidding war for her drawing, Sam knew it was her calling.

After getting a degree in Linguistics and pursuing post grad studies in Sociolinguistic Survey and Ethnology, Sam decided that it was time to set that calling into action.


Since then, Sam has worked in and on television and film (most notably on Dirty jobs 2007 Halloween special and SyFy Channel's first season of Face Off). She has collaborated on puppets, props and costumes for Disney, Universal Studios, the Olympic Games Ceremonies, Netherworld Haunted House, and many more. She is also an avid teacher of the arts, and has galleried around the world.


Sam is currently pursuing a series of kinetic pieces that she feels truely reflect her experience of the world as an artist and artisan. She hopes to debut these works in the near future as they reach their completion.

Kinetic Artist, Freelance Sculptor
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